domiciladress and post-service

you need a corporate domicil adress
our office adress in Düsseldorf is your corporate domicil adress
we recieve and despatch your daily letters

telephone service

you always want to be present for your german customers?
you will get from us your own telphone number (immediately available !)
all telephone calls will be answered in your companies name. a friendly voice greets
your callers and will take all messages for you and inform you at once

telefax service

use our telefaxnumber, despatch of faxes recieved

secretary - service

our staff is at your disposal for all kinds of offices and jobs
fully euqiped office space available for your disposal

Virtual Office

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Büroservice Condor in Dusseldorf helped us to build up our branch in Germany with a minimum costs
they gave us a Dusseldorf telephone line and take all requests of our customers. Büroservice Condor treats our customers like their own.
with the virtual office service of Büroservice Condor you will be represented in Dusseldorf - one of the most important towns in Germany